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My life has sped up quite a bit in the last few weeks, what with starting working and the long-distance traveling. My reading has reflected that a bit: I went on a splurge of rereading books recently, just because I could..

December booklist & 2014 book recap )
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November was a bit of a whirlwind. Conference in Pittsburgh, moving back to Joliette, and starting my new contract have all cut into my time off considerably. Throw in traveling back and forth between Ottawa and Joliette on weekends (6 hours round-trip) and you get an idea of how much free time I have.

Still, books.

November booklist )
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October has been up and down. Still lots of free time but I didn't get much done due to bad health and stress. Because my body obviously thinks any time off is the perfect time to freak out...

October booklist )
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September was the onset of free time and lots of stress. So... books.

September booklist )
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July was awful. Stress, a horrible job, demanding teachers and students and staff, extra-long days, and no time to get over it. I think this is the first time in my life I've been so stressed about something that I routinely began to wake up in the middle of the night to try to work out problems, and was unable to get back to sleep.

It's gotten better but I'd like to make sure that I won't be going back to that.

July booklist )
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June was lovely - I read quite a bit on vacation (spending nearly 24 hours on a plane will do that to you) and saw several plane movies as well. Also, my exhaustion levels when I got home made reading just about the only thing I was willing to tackle...

June booklist )
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May was spent preparing for Greece and the conference. Not much time for fun reading, sadly.

May booklist )
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April was crazy. Crazy, crazy. It doesn't end.

April booklist )
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March was a busy month for books 'n things. A bit of a depressing month too, which explains why I read so much, I guess.

March booklist )
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As usual, February and I did not get along. This explains the amount of rereading fluffy books I did.

February booklist )
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I'm not quite sure where January went. Busy month that flew by...

January booklist )
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It's been a slow month, I'll admit, but I haven't been doing much reading. Mea culpa.

December booklist & 2013 recap )
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Movies and books, oh my!

November booklist )
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Running very, very late. It's been a crazy month or two.

September booklist )
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Amidst the madness that was my summer, I confess that I lost track of what I was reading and watching. This list is, therefore, by necessity incomplete, since my memory is terrible.

summer booklist )
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I take it back - April was tame compared to May. By the end of June, things might have calmed a bit...

May booklist, 2013 edition )
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April. Absolute madness.

April booklist, 2013 edition )
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March has been a whirlwind. A million times better than February, with doors opening and little free time.

March booklist, 2013 edition )
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February sucks. It's over and I am happily dancing on its freezing cold, slushy grave.

February booklist, 2013 edition )
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January has been a good month. I've been reading, I've been seeing movies, I've been going out. It's all in a desperate attempt to distract myself from the craziness, of course, but I think it's working.

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