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the class websites are up, and looking (impressively enough) just like it was supposed to. hats off to the tech.

you can find mine here: Canadian Military Commemoration: Veterans, Ceremonies, and the Field of Honour

... and it's just occured to me that i was supposed to attach a link to my original paper. *dies* ah well, too late now. that's a few marks off.


Dec. 13th, 2006 02:04 pm
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i'm done the website.

i'm done school for the year.

(i'm as done as it's ever getting.)


and now, just gotta hand it in...
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so it turns out that, when the web tech informed us that he would be throwing together a template for us to build our websites into, what he actually meant was: "template? what template? do whatever you want." and the idea of having the site be due 3 days after the paper? an even better one. oh, i will be so happy when this class is over.
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this project is sucking up my life. and while i think i'm making headway, the number of sources i have yet to read (22, at last count, not including articles i have to dig up in the local papers) is frightening.

i'm enjoying it, but not the lack of time, sleep, and the abundance of stress.

i'm thinking that maybe, just maybe, the workload for this class is a little excessive.

time to relax for an hour or two before going to bed.
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and, apparently, it makes my managers even more nervous. *evil grin*. we have a book-borrowing policy at work (recently revamped by F, with the unfortunate result that no one but him understands how it works anymore) so i get to borrow stuff every once in a while. great for school projects. i have a project in which i have to describe and analyze a religious ritual in which women are important participants. as i couldn't find anything suitably Roman or otherwise ancient, i had to settle for using something from an ethnography on a Vodou priestess i read a few years ago for one of my classes. now, unfortunately, i have to analyze the ritual. which means digging thru books on vodou. *sigh* i usually avoid the stuff... mind you, the looks on my coworkers faces were almost worth it...

Cradle 2 the Grave was good, though not great. a nice, fast paced action movie. Jet Li is still a very entertaining man to watch. DMX is getting better. I'm generally impressed.

other than that, nothing much to say. the walk across the 2 parking lots to the bus after work was accomplished thru that 57th level of hell, where it's very, very, very cold. most of me has thawed, except my lungs. maybe i will have to use that cough syrup i picked up after all. *chokes and dies* stupid lungs.
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it's official: Concordia must die. they have, yet again and for the 2nd time in less than a year, changed their homepage. and, yet again, IT DOESN'T WORK. i went thru this last time they updated -- when i tried to get access to my personal student info (which tells me wonderful things like what classes i have next semester, where these are located, and how much $ i owe them) it asked me to create an account. i did that last time -- but then it was just a student # and a password (all in #s). now, it wants something it calls a NetName and a password, one with more characters than my old one. when i attempt to create said NetName, it happily informs me that i don't have to create a new one, as i already have one. of course, i've never even heard of this before, and of course, the system doesn't tell me WHAT said NetName could possibly be. *contemplates kicking computer, then decides to blow up school servers instead*

so now i have no way of knowing what classes i stupidly (well, prob'ly stupidly, anyway) signed up for way back in April and exactly WHEN i have to fork over nearly $900. it's kinda important, as i have to fork over $1000 to the dentist in mid-January, and i KNOW my school fees are due sometime in January... i just wanna figure out how screwed i am, is that so terrible? *wail* why won't it let me in?!


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