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November booklist )
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My life has sped up quite a bit in the last few weeks, what with starting working and the long-distance traveling. My reading has reflected that a bit: I went on a splurge of rereading books recently, just because I could..

December booklist & 2014 book recap )
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October has been up and down. Still lots of free time but I didn't get much done due to bad health and stress. Because my body obviously thinks any time off is the perfect time to freak out...

October booklist )
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April was crazy. Crazy, crazy. It doesn't end.

April booklist )
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March was a busy month for books 'n things. A bit of a depressing month too, which explains why I read so much, I guess.

March booklist )
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Running very, very late. It's been a crazy month or two.

September booklist )
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I take it back - April was tame compared to May. By the end of June, things might have calmed a bit...

May booklist, 2013 edition )
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April. Absolute madness.

April booklist, 2013 edition )
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August has been a comfort-reading month. Lots of rereads as I try to distract myself with the light and fluffy stuff. The Boston trip also made for lots of museums 'n stuff...

August 2011 )
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Making up for the tiny month of June, I guess. Read lots, saw lots of movies, and generally got to relax this month. Can't wait for the insanity that is August.

July 2011 )
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So. Busy. 0_o

February 2011 )
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Sickness and school have combined to make my reading list particularly sad this month.

January 2011 )

Book list

Nov. 30th, 2010 08:10 pm
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November 2010 book list )
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July has been a long, long month.

July 2010 Booklist )
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time is flying. there's a million things to do; I'm surprised I got as much reading done as I did. actually, I'm astounded I did. Most of them were quick, light reads though.

October 2009: )
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sand animation. i didn't even know such a thing existed, but this is beautiful. the use of orchestral Metallica in the background kind of threw me, though.

watch it.
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so busy! tons to do, so my reading suffered. also, the historical books take so much longer to read... still editing my own novel as well. with the amount of rain we've had, you'd think i'd have done more...

also, June's listings are now up (backdated for later convenience). what with the move and the insanity following it, there was no time for this account of my life til now. read it here.

July 2009 list: )
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discovered through TheSixtyOne (thanks again [ profile] rylkat!), i present to you the talented Olafur Arnalds.


I've been listening to his song Ljosid over and over... only to discover that he's offering it up for free download, along with 6 of his other songs. one song a day, for seven days, just him and a piano.

Found Songs project

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just for my own records, because i've nothing better to do...

my favorite So You Think You Can Dance moments from any season:

Bleeding Love - Mark & Chelsie
Mercy - Katee & Twitch
Dhoom Tana - Katee & Joshua

and my newest favorite (the sound is very low though):
Gravity - Kayla & Kupono
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backdated due to moving insanity! it was a manga month, i have to say: a coworker lent me most of his collection and i plowed through it, happy for some light, brainless reading as i tried desperately to pack up everything on time.

June 2009 list: )


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