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Anath (or Anat) is a Phoenician/Canaanite goddess of war and death. Sister of Ba'al, to whom she was fiercely loyal, she was a patron deity of Ramses II of Egypt, considered one of the greatest pharaohs. In Egypt she was associated with Neith/Nepthys, and came to be identified with Astarte. She is a swordswoman and an archer, a warrior of great prowess who revels in the blood of the battlefield. She represents necessary endings, sacrifices for the greater good, or outgrown habits that must be discarded to preserve the cycle of fertility. She is referred to as "the Virgin", but because of her sexual aspect, this is usually taken to mean that she is an independent goddess, not tied to a husband.

When her brother Ba'al (the storm god) is killed by Mot (sterility and death), she helps to resurrect him, then violently slays Mot and scatters his ground-up body over the fields. She likes to gird herself in ambergris and saffron.

She is also known to have gone into a battle frenzy and fought with her furniture.

One particular invocation reads: "Remove from the earth war, Set in the dust love; Pour peace amidst the earth, Tranquility amidst the fields" (from the Epic of Ba'al).

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Anat, Mother of Gods by Taylor Ray Ellison
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i have recently fallen in love with the Canaanite goddess Anath.
she's the first and only goddess i've seen to display clear signs of insanity: she conducts an all-out battle with her furniture. what an entertaining image...

i've also just remembered tomorrow is October, therefore a new month, therefore a new bus pass. hope the driver lets me on the bus tomorrow morning... *swigh* i wish i had a car.

got another 30$ book bonus today. i found one interesting book to spend it on, but i've discovered a curious lack of interest in anything affordable. everything i want to read is in hardcover, and therefore too expensive. ah well, must wait til they come out in soft cover. booooooooookkks....


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