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A "bit of student doggerel" that caught my eye:

The old Germanic tribesmen on both banks of the
Lay spread out bearskins, drinking their wine,
When, with German greeting, a Roman entered
their midst
"Heil Hitler, you Germans, 'tis I - Tacitus."

- from "The Hitler Salute: On the meaning of a gesture" by Tilman Allert, p. 58.

An interesting commentary on the Hitler salute and why it became so prevalent; for the most part, the book was dry and too focused on sociological themes, but a few bits of information managed to spark through. The poem above speaks to the belief that the Nazi party tried to say the salute was rooted in Germanic history, while the Italian Fascists maintained that it was copying their own salute. (Yup, I'm a history geek).
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but the neighbor's still up, so there's no point in going to bed. admittedly, i'm a very light sleeper, and it takes me forever to fall asleep, so what would be barely noticeable noise to anyone else sounds very loud to me, but still. it's 1:15am... shouldn't he be in bed already? *sigh*

so tomorrow, the grand adventure begins... the end of my root canal starts at 2:30, then i get the car for a week. it's like a consolation prize: here, put up with the pain and you get a cookie... a very shiny, gas-guzzling cookie...

i'm barely coherent, so i'll shut up now and go finish reading Augustus' Res Gestae... gods, but that man was arrogant. no idea of modesty or humility; yes, he may have done a lot for Rome, but gods, he must have been unbearable to be around for long periods of time. "Have i told you about the time i..." "yes, 5 times. now shut up."

like i said, incoherent. =)


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